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- ok! exclusive -

Katja Woywood, Erdoğan Atalay & Tom Beck:

"They've Got A Licence To Snog"

by Kathrin Kellermann



Interview published by 'ok! Magazin" in March 2009 (issue 11/2009):

"Die Lizenz zum Knutschen"



© Photos by Frank von Wieding / ok!Verlag

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ok!:               Tom, there is an episode where you unwittingly meet your new boss and where you deliver a pick-up line because you want to get of with her. Would suchlike lines pass you lips in real life too?

Tom:              Pick-up lies are nowadays totally outdated. Nonetheless it can be allowed for once to approach a lady in a cool manner by saying: "Would you mind inviting me to a Prosecco?" (Laughs.)


ok!:               Did that work for you with your girl-friend?

Tom:              It didn't had to be that way. I was involved in a musical and she was the boss of its dancing ensemble. I took private dancing lessons, because I wanted to practise. It was not because of having a crush on her already. That happened only later on.


ok!:               You aren't the type of guy who falls in love at first glance, are you?

Tom:              (smiling) I fell in love at first sight numerous times, because women looked gorgeous. But as soon as they started to speak I was equally quickly fallen out of love!

Erdoğan:       When I met my wife (Note: Astrid Ann Marie Pollmann) for the very first time, I knew instantly: That's the one for me! Our dialogue began like "I will already go to dine and I will be awaiting you..."


ok!:               You have to give us more than that...

Erdoğan:       My previous girl-friend had arranged it. In the restaurant she approached Ann and informed her that I would love to dine with her. Ann joined us at the bar but ignored me. Was I choked! (Laughs.) So I delivered this line. In the end she wouldn't refuse, because once you are in love you can't deny it.


ok!:               Katja, you are married to Marco Girnth for 10 years. Was that love at first glance?

Katja:             It was already after the first glance, but still before the second one. I had just escaped a long relationship and wouldn't, while he was still stuck in a relationship and couldn't! It went on that way for another proper three months but then I knew: It is him!


ok!:               How do you achieve to keep a relationship interesting through all these years?

Erdoğan:       By being fully aware that your partner for life doesn't owe you to make you happy, since that's your own responsibility. And by keeping in mind why you fell in love instead of having the ambition to shape your partner.

Katja:             There is no satisfaction guarantee. I am blessed because Marco is the man of my dreams and likewise my best friend. After ten years you might not have as many butterflies in your stomach as you used to have but you gain mutual experience and the feelings evolve to a deeper kind of love. Also you grow trust, which is from my point of view crucial.


ok!:               Tom, does is sometimes bother you to be in a team with happily married people?

Tom:              It is hard to listen when they start praising their children: "Dear me, my little one has just mad his first simming badge!" (Note: In Germany children can take official swimming lessons and if they stand a following test they obtain a badge called "Seepferdchen" or - literally translated - "sea horse".) Or they tell "We've just built a pirate ship!" (Laughs.) If I had children I would be just like that too. But I need my freedom. Even if my girl-friend wasn't in Canada but here, there is no way that we would be sharing every single moment.


ok!:               In this series Katja is rather feisty. How do you like that? You are not afraid of strog women, are you?

Erdoğan:       My wife can also be tough. I don't need a chick. I need a woman at my side that can make her own decisions and is able to bear the responsibility for a family. I wouldn't fancy somebody who totally depends on me.

Katja:             I don't let myself getting patronised but I am not as feisty and determined in my private life as I have to play it in the series! It is really a challenge to be somebody like that while you also have to be at the telephone because you need to investigate your son's playschool over accommodating nasty vernim. (Laughs.)


ok!:               Tom, you're character is meant to be pretty see@xy...

Katja:             I agree that he should take off his shirt more frequently! (Laughter!)

Tom:              (squirming) He guys, that was a singular incident and it had been in the script!

Erdoğan:       But it is alright if other call you a see@x symbol. (Laughs.)

Tom:              I was in character and it was part of my performance!

Katja:             We were supposed to have a little romance in this series... However, my husband lightened up once he'd heard that this story line had got cancelled. (Laughs.)


ok!:               But you also have to take that he is having love scenes too. Is that hard for you?

Katja:             Well, extra-conjugal snogging is a part of the job description after all! (Laughs.) My husband was once in a film where he had a dozen scenes in bed and for each one they had to do retakes. Of course you could imagine that there are things you would like better ...

Erdoğan:       I can only kiss one single woman besides my real wife, and tha'ts my wife in the series.


ok!:               Isn't it splendid to have co-workers like these guys?

Katja:             (smiling) I appreciate it indeed, for my self-conficence benefits from by-products in the form of lots of compliments. Especially because being the mother I am sometimes seems to render me invisible. But compliments please you and that also does your relationship good.


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